How to COPE

Explore how to adapt NPR’s Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE) model to a library’s website(s) and…


Presentation on ORCID to the Research and Learning Services librarians at Oklahoma State University Library.…

Material Design w/ Materialize

Material Design with MaterializeCSS Workshop This hands-on workshop offers an introduction to Materialize…

Web Redesign (CIL 2017)

Website Redesign: Techniques & Tools An overview of technologies and theories to consider when…

Responsive Web Design (IL 2014)

Want to learn how to design and build responsive websites with a responsive, CSS-based framework? This…

Responsive Web Design (CIL 2014)

CIL 2014 Pre-conference Workshop A workshop focused on how to design and build a responsive web site.

Responsive Web Design

RWD Workshop A workshop focused on how to design and build a responsive web site.

CIL 2014 Brown Bag Talk

CIL -Brown Bag Talk Overview of ideas at CIL 2014

Once is Enough (ACRL 2013 Poster)

ACRL 2013 Poster - Explore using Foundation, a CSS framework, to craft an appealing functional design…

Size doesn't matter

From smartphones to tablets, our customers are accessing our sites from a large variety of devices. Is…

Beginning LibGuides

An introduction to creating and design considerations for building LibGuides.

Open Source for Library Websites

A guide on selecting, installing and hosting open-source web apps for libraries.

It's not the size of the screen

Learn how to design and build an appealing functional website that responds and adapts to the patrons'…