Responsive Web Design (IL 2014)

Want to learn how to design and build responsive websites with a responsive, CSS-based framework? This…

Responsive Web Design (CIL 2014)

CIL 2014 Pre-conference Workshop A workshop focused on how to design and build a responsive web site.

CIL 2014 Brown Bag Talk

CIL -Brown Bag Talk Overview of ideas at CIL 2014

Once is Enough (ACRL 2013 Poster)

ACRL 2013 Poster - Explore using Foundation, a CSS framework, to craft an appealing functional design…

Size doesn't matter

From smartphones to tablets, our customers are accessing our sites from a large variety of devices. Is…

Beginning LibGuides

An introduction to creating and design considerations for building LibGuides.

Open Source for Library Websites

A guide on selecting, installing and hosting open-source web apps for libraries.

It's not the size of the screen

Learn how to design and build an appealing functional website that responds and adapts to the patrons'…

How to COPE

How to COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere Explore how to adapt NPR’s Create Once Publish Everywhere…

Responsive Web Design

RWD Workshop A workshop focused on how to design and build a responsive web site.

Web Redesign (CIL 2017)

Website Redesign: Techniques & Tools An overview of technologies and theories to consider when…

Material Design w/ Materialize

Material Design with MaterializeCSS Workshop This hands-on workshop offers an introduction to Materialize…


Presentation on ORCID to the Research and Learning Services librarians at Oklahoma State University Library.…