Computers in Libraries 2019

Spaces, Final Frontier?

I don’t want to use my creative energy on somebody else’s user interface. Jeff Bezos

Booking study rooms online is a highly valued and utilized service at our library. LibCal’s room booking software was instrumental in that success. When planning to move to the new Spaces, we surveyed our students. The students expressed how they greatly valued the service and offered features they would like to see added. Spaces’ new API gave us the freedom to develop a highly customized interface/ app to enhance student experience by incorporating their suggestions. We are developing apps and a web interface to include a number of features not found in Space’s interface: VR views of the rooms, notification of room reservation to multiple students, simplified interface, and searching available rooms by time, date, size, and equipment. The application is being developed to allow other libraries to download and customize the application. Come learn about our progress and discover how to use our tools at your library.